merging blogs

I don't have much time for the second blog, so I'll merge this one with the Vegan Drawing Diary.
I'm deleting the Vegan Drawing Diary, so below are the drawings of food I posted on that blog in summer.


picturebook news & logo for Erska

I was absent for a long time, because I've been working on my picturebook.
I finally finished it and now I'm looking for a publishing company. I'm totally excited!
Wish me good luck!
And of course I'm still a full time Chinese language and philosophy teacher.

In the meantime I designed a logo for a small carpentry/ renovation company named Erska, owned by two wonderful girls.
I only did the logo, the website and other things were designed by other people.
You can see the website here.

And here is the logo.


illustrations in FUSS

I made two illustrations for the text written by Martyna Orlik, in online FUSS magazine.
It's about recovering after a heartbreak and then falling in love again.
Here is the link to the magazine. My illustrations are on page 67 & 69.



this time I'm running philosophical workshops for adults in De Revolutionibus Books & Cafe.
The first workshop is about identity, the second about world views.
I designed the poster as well.


vegan drawing diary

I've been working on my picturebook again, but I also draw everyday things in the meantime.

This one is a beginning of a new series - my vegan drawing diary, as a drawing continuation of my existing vegan photo diary
I made a new blog for these drawings.

/permanent markers and color pencils
(I don't have a scanner again, so this is a poor digital photo, I will scan it later)


poster for my workshops

This is the second poster I designed for my drawing philosophy workshops.
there will be some additional information, but I like it this way.

Almost every Saturday in De Revolutionibus Books & Cafe.

as U can see, I'm the deer.



I printed some postcards with my pencil drawings
and with my twin peaks inspired permanent markers pictures (on recycled paper).

The pencil ones are quite minimalist and have a winter feeling.

If you want to see closer, most of them are here.
For better view of twin peaks series, go there.

please email me if you're interested.


marcel & a cat

some random sketches.
I don't know why it's getting cute when I draw without references.